What personal information we collect and why

Dear Company Customers

Our company values ​​your trust very much and places great emphasis on protecting your data, including personal data, when it is processed. The Company processes all personal data solely in accordance with applicable legal regulations governing their protection. This statement is intended to inform you about the processing of personal data that occurs in connection with a visit to our website, as well as some other cases of processing of personal data.

Processing of personal information in connection with the purchase of goods

In case of purchase of goods our company will process personal data customer’s scope: name, surname, email address, telephone contact and address for delivery of the goods, if the goods are to be delivered to the address specified in the order.
Processing of the personal information above customers will make the company in order to realize the purchase contracts, supplies of goods or services. Last but not least, also for the purpose the protection of their rights and the interests protected by law, consisting in: protection against possible litigation arising from contracts concluded to buy goods or services.
We will process personal information convert yourself. In cases where goods will be ordered on request customer delivered to the address specified in the order, we provide personal data in the range: name, surname, telephone contact and address at delivery also to the carrier concerned. Detailed description can be found at: Privacy Policy


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What are cookies?

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How do we use cookies?

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Using Social Plugins

Company pages may also include third-party social plug-ins
which allows website visitors to share content with
your friends and other contacts. If it does, or will happen,
we will ensure that this information is included in the statement of protection
personal information on our site.
This is mainly: Facebook , managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 South Califo