Papierové dutinky

Paper tubes of various lengths, thicknesses and diameters used for product packaging and protective function.

Paper tubes are made of the highest quality cardboard and a specialized adhesive mixture. They are used e.g. when winding tapes, cables or foils, as well as when packaging products such as posters or leaflets.

We care about the use of modern solutions in production, so we can provide high-quality, durable and strong sleeves. They are resistant to bending and bending under the weight of the materials.

We are perfectly aware of the importance of ecology, and therefore we make sure that the entire production process is environmentally friendly. We use materials and secondary raw materials that can be recycled and processed. The adhesives used in the production of the hollows are also first-rate, guaranteeing that the entire product will not fall apart due to adverse weather conditions. The precise manufacturing process means that cardboard tubes are used in almost every industry. Products with larger diameters are also used in construction as formwork sleeves. They are also perfectly suited for the production of cardboard barrels for the transport of bulk materials.

Paper tubes have many possibilities of use