Ecological cardboard boxes

Exceptional, strong, light and safe
Ecological product from corrugated board
Ergonomic shape with comfortable grip
Possibility of stacking
Supplied unfolded
Custom printing option
Kartónové prepravky, organizéry
Cardboard boxes, organizers

Packaging materials and packaging

We offer our clients the ideal packaging solutions, but also the improvement of the packaging already in place, whether for the reduction of packaging time or financial saving. We offer protective solutions to your products when transporting and handling, and we also offer packaging, repacking and controlling your products.

We focus on projects and products where large companies cannot offer fast delivery and solve the problem of JUST IN TIME.

These are the basic materials we offer:

Cardboard retrers of various formats and fortresses used to fortification the pallet pack when stored on each other.
Klopové boxes of various shapes and fortresses, unlimited use with the possibility of printing. Material of 3vI, 5vI, 7vI cardboard.
Paper protective corners of various dimensions and sleeves to protect the edges of products and packaging.
Paper U-profiles of different widths and heights, serve to protect the complete edge.
Paper cavity of various lengths, rattles and diameters used to pack products and have a protective function.
Paper wax-Various shapes, thicknesses to fill the gaps in the package.
Cardboard crates of various dimensions and structures for manual folding or pre-glued.
Guides, brochures, stickers, labels, large-scale printing.
Cakes, sacks, foils of different sizes and possibilities of closure.